The primary sector is our economic engine. Future generations depend on us extracting more value. That’s why we help agribusiness create smarter brand stories and meaningful customer experiences using truth and trust from producer to consumer.




A direct line of sight is required across the whole value chain when trying to attract highly discerning and profitable consumers or producers. It’s not only a value chain but a licence to operate for today’s thriving agribusiness brands.


Making it happen, where it matters


First Fresh

Creating grower envy through a unique loyalty programme


Seed Force

Challenging the status quo with an industry game changer


Seed Force

Tough times call for tough pastures from one tough bastard


Ingham Feeds

Out-teaching customers to out-sell competitors



A brand identity as succulent as the product itself



Reinventing the way we trade livestock


Pasture Renewal Charitable Trust

Restoring pasture to its rightful roots



Your Time to Shine

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You cannot create outstanding rural brands that consumers trust without them being based on truth. These two highly prized marketing currencies are rare in the primary sector but together they provide a rich and fertile ground in which great agribusiness brands can grow and prosper.

Our Methodology


We have a direct line of sight from our heartland to the world. Rural New Zealand is our backyard and we’re privileged to call it home. We embrace it and we understand it. Being heartlanders directly influences the way we think and act, and the values we hold dear.


These are our neighbours. They’re passionate about what they do and they work hard. They don’t shy away from a challenge be it weather, exchange rates, environmental compliance or volatile global markets. They know they’re fortunate to have access to water, fertile soils and great growing conditions. They farm in the footsteps of their parents and grandparents.


These nurturing hands speak of a lifetime of striving for perfection. They belong to hard working rural men and women who balance experience, science, technology and grit to produce the finest product they can. These hands will grasp the opportunities that lie ahead for agribusiness.


These people are visionaries. They see what others don’t. They look at a lamb and see a braised rack on the menu of a Michelin star restaurant in London. They look at a vineyard and see Gold at the Decanter World Wine Awards. They look at a Merino flock and see fine knitwear in Harrods. They dare to dream and then make it happen.


With world food demand predicted to double by 2050, growing middle class palates becoming more refined and an increasing desire for safe, sustainable quality produce, opportunities are everywhere. Amongst the glitz and glamour of prestige brands, small batch food and artisan products touched by human hands have become the new luxury. What New Zealand has, the world wants.


From farm, forest or ocean to production and product, our primary sector breeds champions. These leaders need optimum science, technology and consumer insights to create the best they can. Our processors then take this produce and diligently prepare it for the world stage. Global consumers who understand value, demand the absolute best in taste and experience. It’s our job to ensure our rural sector receives a return that matches their champion efforts.

Andy Walker

Managing Director

St John Craner

Strategic Planning & Business Development Director

Mark Lorrigan

Creative Director

Rome Walker

Group Account Director

Willie Verburg

Media Director

Iain Urquhart

Digital Media Strategist

Tania Lowe

Senior Account Manager

Kurt Sandtmann

Senior Account Manager

Jo Fergus

Media Planner / Account Executive

Ryan Christison

Account Executive

Brian Knott

Art Director

Andrew Barnett

Graphic Designer

Leticia Masseurs

Graphic Designer

Corey Harbrow

Graphic Designer

Maggie Polus

Digital Project Manager / Designer

Vitaly Kasymov

Web Developer

Jenny Andrews

Executive Assistant to Andy

Tracey Atkins

Financial Administrator


Telling heartland stories is our specialist territory. There’s a fine line between missing it and getting it bang on because rural folk can be unforgiving. Our depth of understanding and insight into the rural sector along with knowledge of the subtle nuances means we get it. It’s our direct line of sight from paddock to plate that allows us to craft each tale and tell it to the world in a compelling way. So let’s tell your story.

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